Corsican Cellar L.L.C.
"La Montagne dans la Mer"
Corsica, "The Mountain in the Sea", in the Mediterranean is our initial region of focus for the search, discovery and import of fine, wholesome foods. Our artisanal producers have built their businesses on tradition and "savoir faire" passed on through the millennia and adapted to  modern techniques of production. Theirs is  an ancient agriculture based on  the Greeks who brought in  sheep and olive tree, the Saracens who introduced goats and the Romans who were master in technology.
True to our mission we have naturally reached further regions and  developed close partnerships with many artisans across Europe.
Our import and wholesale business has developed a dynamic product line which includes traditional cheeses, premium olive oils, controlled origin honeys, jams,condiments and confiseries.
Corsican Cellar remains committed to bring only the finest, original, high quality products to the market. A collection of fine foods which reflect artisanal expertise and pride in their making
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